PCON (Positivity Conference) is a conference for any and all people who are trying to be more positive and find themselves. PCON is an uplifting and life changing experience. You will meet new people, have fun and be inspired like never before!

PCON is the dream of Logan Chugg, an 18 year old from Northern Utah. His dream started in February of 2017. Logan attended Syracuse High School, during Logan’s high school career seven kids passed away that attended Syracuse High. Three of which he was close to, took their own lives. There were 9 total in the community those three years. He saw the impact it had on the students and the community. Everyone seemed alone and didn’t know what to do. So Logan finally came up with something in February of 2017, he dreamed of a place where you can meet new people, listen to inspirational/motivational speakers, dance, have the time of your life and become more positive through difficult situations and becoming who you want to be.

Logan had to put the dream on hold while he was preparing for an LDS mission, he left in September of 2017 but unfortunately had to return home only a month later due to depression and anxiety and was honorably discharged. When he returned home he felt the need for PCON in his community and the world. That’s when PCON was born. Soon after Logan returned home, he contacted many people who were close to him to help his dream become a reality. But after one post on social media about his idea, he didn’t have to contact other people, because people were coming to him. After only 24 hours of posting his idea and asking for volunteers to serve on the board of directors he had over 50 applicants.

PCON now has a full 8 member board of directors. Soon after the board of directors was organized, PCON began to grow rapidly and the want and need for it in the community became stronger. We are now preparing to open our very first conference in April of this year. PCON hopes to stop bullying, lower suicide rates, help people see their worth, make a difference, help people be more positive and to become who they want to become. Logan created a quote that he has lived by his entire life and that is:

“You weren’t born to be something special, you were born to be you, and my friends that is the most special thing in the world.”



Logan himself was suicidal in his early Junior High Years. In 7th grade he was bullied majorly. Words like “Ugly, Worthless, waste of space, weak, dumb” he was even told to kill himself. Everyday was a battle. Logan attempted suicide twice. Both times were minor but still had an impact on him that life is worth so much more. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary feeling.